CID beefs up pedagogy, tests validity

In pursuit of fulfilling its mandate to ensure quality management of instruction in line with the new basic education program, the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) initiated various activities focusing on enhancing pedagogy, and ensuring tests validity.

The Seminar-Workshop on Pedagogical Skills and Subject Contents, conducted on May 18 to 20 (elementary), and May 25 to 27 (secondary) at Malabon National HS, strived to equip teachers with wide range of knowledge for the attainment of content and performance standards.

Participated by department heads/coordinators, master teachers, and teachers with less than three years in service, the workshop included discussions on 21st century skills, assessment of differentiated instruction, indigenization and contextualization of learning, instructional strategies, research and development, and learning resource management, and demonstration teaching and critiquing led by the education program supervisors of CID, and their chief, Dr. Josefina Pablo.

Another notable endeavor undertaken by CID was the conduct of the Training-Workshop for Upgrading Viable Table of Specifications (TOS) Coherent to Test Items at Malabon ES on April 20 to 22 (Elementary), and April 25 to 27 (Secondary).

The said seminar is aimed at improving the validity of teacher-made tests, demonstrating the significance of TOS through providing the link between teaching and testing, and intensifying the Division Testing Program launched in July of 2015. Participants were district subject coordinators, department heads, select Master Teachers, and teachers. –hrb