SDO Malabon City Compliance with (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 11639 (General Appropriation Act FY 2022)
Last Updated June 5, 2023

A. Section 94 :

I. The Agency’s Mandate and Functions, Names of its Officials with their position and designation, and contact information.

a. The agency’s mandates and functions

b. Position, designation and contact information

II. Approved Budgets and Corresponding Target

III. Modifications made pursuant to General and Special provisions 

IV. Annual Procurement Plan/s (APP) and Contracts Awarded

V. Major Activities / Projects categorized in accordance to the 0-10 Point Socio Economic Agenda and their target Beneficiaries

VI. Status of Implementations, Evaluation or Assessment Reports on activities and projects.

VII. Budget and Financial Reports (BFARs)

VIII. Peoples Freedom of Information Manual

IX. Annual Reports on the Status of Income Authorized by Law

B. Section 5: DONATIONS
C. Section 7: Performance Bonds and Deposits / Reports of Income and Disbursement
D. Section 11: Transparency of Public Funds
E. Section 89: Report on Commission on Audit Findings and Recommendations
F. Section 90: Financial Reports

G. Section 91: SEF – Accomplishment Reports. Work and Financial Plan and Physical Report
H. System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals

I. Building Constructions Projects

J. SDO – Performance Indicator

Client Satisfaction Survey

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