The Schools Division Office of Malabon City would like to shed light on the misinformation being spread by a certain teacher organization about the reimbursement of communication expenses of teachers.

It is true, as stated in the said communication that DepEd authorizes the payment of communication expense (mobile and internet) of personnel under a WFH arrangement which were incurred from March 16 until December 31,2020, subject to submission of pertinent documents for reimbursement.

It is also stipulated that the amount required for their reimbursement shall be charged against available Maintenance and Other Operating Expense (MOOE) balance of Public Schools, subject to availability of funds.

Prior to the issuance of DepEd Order 38, s. 2020, dated November 20, 2020, budget for the remaining months were already programmed and allotted to various activities and school mandatory expenses as provided in DepEd Order 15, s. 2020. Further, all public elementary and secondary schools have prepared and submitted the second Supplemental Annual Implementation Plan for the last quarter of the year (October-December).

Obligations incurred from January to October were already liquidated and submitted to the Division Office and Commission on Audit (COA). During the special meeting with principals, it was discussed and agreed upon that all school activities and expenses in December will be adjusted in order to allocate budget for the reimbursement of December communication expenses.

To address this concern and help the teaching and non-teaching personnel with their communication expenses, through the initiative of the Division Office, all learners and teachers will receive sim card with load of Php500 from the City Government utilizing the Special Education Fund (SEF).

Budget allocation for the reimbursement of communication expenses of teaching and non-teaching personnel in the Division and schools are already included in Annual Supplemental Plan starting January 2021.

Rest assured that DepEd Malabon will do everything in its capacity to protect the right and promote the welfare of every Malabonian teacher, and strictly enforce and adhere to the agency mandates and policies at all times.